WYAFFD Virtual Book Launch

Thank you. Now Have a Free Webinar.


The Editor’s month-long party celebrating the publication of Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies may be ending with today’s final stop on her WYAFFD Blog Tour, but she’s got one last grand finale event for writers: her eye-popping, info-laden FREE webinar tomorrow with high-energy author/illustrator Katie Davis….

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Dear Readers…

I’m excited to team up with Katie Davis tomorrow, July 27, for “Translating Rejection Letter Lingo: What To Do about a ‘Flat’ Story.” I hope you’ll stop by to hear my tips for pumping up flat fiction and to take part in the listener Q-and-A. With Katie’s fab visuals, you’ll be as entertained as you are informed. [Register here.]

Phew! A week-long virtual book launch, an 8-stop blog tour, a free webinar, book and ‘free edit’ giveaways, and a dozen interviews, podcasts, and guest posts on others’ blogs. . . . It’s been a busy month, but I believe every new book deserves a party. I sure hope you’ve enjoyed mine.

Thank you, and happy writing!
The Editor

Writing YA Fiction For Dummies Virtual Book Launch – Thank You!

Dear Readers…

I hope you don’t mind one more WYAFFD launch-related post, because I simply must say THANK YOU.  The kind wishes and enthusiasm sent my way this week has been nothing short of amazing. So many of you shared news of the launch through your blogs, social media, and email. I am supremely grateful for such active support.

What a party this launch has been—right down to the fireworks that lit up the nation’s skies halfway through the launch. (How’s that for timing?)

But now that the party’s over, I must admit that I am toast. A 7-day virtual book launch really takes the starch out of a gal. So I’m giving myself the rest of the week off—and you all a breather from the daily DearEditor.com updates. I’ll meet you back here on Tuesday, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, to resume our lively Q-and-A about writing and to show you the awesome Guest Editor posts I’ve got waiting in the wings. But before I go, two orders of business: one more thank you and a congratulations.

First, I’d like to publicly thank, one more time, those who went above-and-beyond to make this week extra fun for all by featuring interviews, podcasts, guest posts, and giveaways in support of the launch:

Second, I’d like to congratulate Mark McClintock, the winner of the Day 7 “Free Full Manuscript Edit” giveaway. Mark, I’ll send you an email directly with all the details.

Okay, all, if you’ve got any questions about the craft or business of writing lurking in your brain pan, now’s the time to send them in using the “Write to The Editor” button on the top menu because I’m itchin’ to dig back in. See you Tuesday!

The Editor

Newsflash: Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies Virtual Book Launch


Dear Readers…

My new book Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies hits stores July 5, and I’m hoping you can help me spread the word about my 7-day virtual book launch June 29-July 5 on DearEditor.com.

Daily giveaways, free downloads, excerpts from the book… read my full post for more.

7-Day Virtual Book Launch!

To celebrate the publication of Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies, from June 29-July 5 here on DearEditor.com, I’m featuring daily “Free First Chapter Critique” giveaways, free downloads, excerpts from the book, and profiles of the 13 amazing authors, editors, and agents who so generously contributed sidebars to the book. As the grand finale, I’m giving away a “Free Full Manuscript Edit” on the final day.

The book itself is filled with great features, including:

  • tips for targeting an audience, finding an angle that’ll make the story stand out, and writing a killer hook
  • an extensive chapter on self-marketing to help writers move boldly into the realm of self-promotion
  • techniques and exercises to shape plot, create teen-friendly characters, develop a convincingly youthful voice, write natural dialogue, and use setting to illuminate characters and plot
  • 13 National Book Award winners and finalists, Newbery medalists and honorees, and other award-winning luminaries sharing their insights in sidebars
  • self-editing tools to transform a first draft into a strong submission-ready final draft
  • insider tips for finding the right agent and/or editor and preparing a stand-out submission package
  • answers to common book contract questions
  • advice on self-publishing for YA writers

Above all, I aim to guide writers in developing a style that appeals to young readers. Finding one’s own voice and style is especially important to me.

I’m really proud of Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies. Writers of all levels will get a lot out of it—and have fun along the way. I sure had fun writing it.

Shout-outs via social media, your blog, email to friends, posts in your writers forums… any mention you could give the book and the launch would be hugely appreciated. You can send the curious to:

Thanks ever so much!

The Editor