Editorial Services

By conducting word-by-word line editing or more general substantive editing, Deborah Halverson (“The Editor”) helps authors hone their storytelling voices, synchronize age-appropriate language and subjects, and develop stories that appeal simultaneously to young readers and to adults such as parents, teachers, and librarians. With Deborah’s guidance, improve your manuscript’s…

Narrative voice
Plot development / narrative arc
Point of view
Delivery of background info
Visual storyline (picture books)
Age-appropriate subject matter and target audience
Word choice
Sentence variety
Chapter / section breaks
Grammar / mechanics

$125 per hour for substantive or line editing. Email Deborah@DeborahHalverson.com for a free estimate of total hours required or to discuss other editorial services such as query letter review. For an in-depth look at Deborah’s editorial process, read this printer-friendly pdf: “Editorial Processes and Fees.”


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