BLOG TOUR: Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies

The blog tour celebrating Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies‘s publication is over, but you can still read the fun, informative interviews and guest blog posts by The Editor covering craft, promotion, & the business of publishing. Click on links below:

Shrinking Violet Promotions “Flipping the Switch from ‘Introvert’ to ‘Extrovert'” – How to get yourself ‘out there’ and spread the word about your books even if you’re an introvert at heart.

SCBWI Children’s Market blog “Serving Up Subtext” – How to use subtext to enhance your fiction. “Melodrama Isn’t a Four Letter Word” – Use *gasp* melodrama to add authenticity to your YA voice.

Elizabeth O. Dulemba Blog – Interview with The Editor covering YA market trends, an author’s mindset when writing for young people, and author submission prospects.

Cheryl Rainfield Blog“Banishing the Blahs from Your YA Fiction” – Using narrative beats to pump up the action and energy in a lackluster manuscript or scene.

Story Connection – Interview with The Editor about drafting a series, creating teen-friendly characters, avoiding common submission mistakes, and battling writer’s block.

The Got Story Countdown – Interview with The Editor covering the differences between chapter books and easy readers, visual storytelling in picture books, and 4-foot-tall wooden men. (Yes, you read that right.)

Free “Translating Rejection Letter Lingo: What to Do with a ‘Flat’ Story” webinar w/ The Editor & Katie Davis – This 1.5-hr FREE webinar covered four fixes for a “flat” story, along with answers to attendees questions about the craft, market, and business of writing. For attendee reaction, click here. For a description of the webinar and information about upcoming webinars in Katie Davis’s series, click here.

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