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Thanks for your support of the blog tour celebrating the publication of Writing New Adult Fiction! You can read all the fun and informative interviews and guest blog posts by The Editor – covering craft, promotion, and the business of publishing New Adult fiction by clicking on the links below.

NA Alley blog:Four Steps for Writing a Tantalizing Hook for Your Book Excerpt from review: “An amazing resource, specifically for New Adult writers.” Excerpt from guest post: “Work through those and you’ve got your hook. Informative, tantalizing, and concise—even Tweetable in its entirety if you can really pare it down. Put it on your back cover, use it to lead your e-retailer descriptions, throw it into social media play, use it at conferences or when networking one-on-one. Hook in hand, now it’s time to tell the world about your story.

My Book Fairy blog: “NA Writers Have Storytelling Needs, Too (and Free Manuscript Edit Giveaway)” Excerpt: “Each group of storytellers may tap into the same foundational elements like plot and dialogue and characterization, but they use them to tell different kinds of stories for different audiences with different needs—and those differences deserve our attention. I set out to write a book that can support and guide NA writers.

Fiction Notes blog:3 Ways to Know If Your YA Is Really New Adult fiction (And Free Manuscript Edit Giveaway)” Excerpt: “[Writers say,] ‘Tell me what NA is, Deborah, and then I’ll know what I’ve got.’ Happy to help! Here are three ways to determine if you’re writing a story about a young adult or a new adult.”

Writing Belle blog: What Is the Future of New Adult Fiction? (And Book Giveaway)” Excerpt from review: “A fantastic how-to.” Excerpt from guest post: “As we move into NA’s future, then, I expect we’ll see a wider range of storylines, settings, and genres that explore every aspect of the new adult experience, and we’ll expand the NA audience as a result.”

It’s a Matter of Moments blog review & free book/manuscript edit giveaway: Excerpt: “A masterpiece to budding new adult writers like us…. If we had more space, we could showcase useful tools and nuggets of wisdom in every chapter, but you will be much better served to get your own copy and discover the magic yourself. Writers: GO GET THIS BOOK!

Quirk & Quill blog: review & free book giveaway: Excerpt from review: “I became a huge fan of her how-to-write-YA book, WRITING YOUNG ADULT FICTION FOR DUMMIES. It is my number one go-to-craft-writing-resource in the courses I teach at UC Berkeley and Stanford.… Like she does in her YA writing craft book, [Deborah] breaks down just what you need and want to know about writing NA fiction in the same clear manner with full engagement.”

Coffee and Characters blog: spotlight & free manuscript edit giveaway: Excerpt from review: “Stock full or information and a worth while read!”

eBook Addict review & free manuscript edit giveaway: Excerpt from review: “If you’re a writer, and you want to try your hand at writing new adult, I strongly suggest reading this novel!

Blogcritics review: “With her conversational, engaging style, Halverson demystifies the process of plotting, writing, and marketing a NA novel…. If you’re serious about writing a NA novel you can be proud of, one that is also marketable, you’ll add this indispensable title to your permanent reference shelf.

KIDLit411 interview & free book giveaway  Excerpt: “Figure out how to get past any fears you have and just go for it. That’s what got me writing that first novel, and that’s what gets me past the infamous Blank Page with every new project. Be bold. And then stay bold, because publishing isn’t just writing—it’s about writing for others…. Everyone has opinions—use the positive and contructive feedback to bolster yourself and then build on your strengths.”

Hot Guys in Books review & free book/manuscript edit giveaways: Excerpt: “This book is awesome! It’s so seamlessly written so following her is no problem. The book it thorough in every aspect. It explains from what New Adult Fiction is to how to publish your book. I learned so much from it. I really didn’t know how to define the genre of New Adult until this book. I’m not exaggerating when I say it made me EXCITED to write because know I have a more clear idea of what others are expecting.This book will definitely be referenced multiple times when I’m writing my novel.

Christy Herself! spotlight: Stop in to enter the tourwide free manuscript edit giveaway!

Book Bumblings Interview & giveaway  Excerpt: “I believe traditional publishers will help curate NA titles for those readers who need curation, and they will be there for those writers who want a partnership that brings greater promo/distribution opportunities and professional expertise, but ultimately the independent writers will continue running the NA show.”

Literary Agent Jill Corcoran’s blog: “What’s the difference between ‘new’ adult and ‘young’ adult? PLUS a contest!” Excerpt: “What’s the difference between ‘new’ adult and ‘young’ adult? My answer usually starts with a single word: sensibility.

Literary Agent Erzsi Deak’s Hen and Ink Blots blog: New Adult: “Sexed” up YA or Bona Fide Literary Movement? An interview with Deborah Halverson, author of Writing NA Fiction. Excerpt: “If you know you have a great story, and you just haven’t made that connection with a big audience yet, for whatever reason, you can keep submitting and not hurt yourself by self-publishing. The only way you can hurt yourself is if you do it poorly and you get bad reviews, because that cannot be erased.”

KC Maguire blog: “Deborah Halverson: Author Interview and Giveaway.Excerpt: “Craft stories that build up sexual anticipation through love denied, teased, and toyed with. A much-anticipated kiss can be more dramatically powerful than a perfunctory graphic groping.”

WriteforKids website video interview: Excerpt: “New Adult Fiction, with characters age 18-25, is exploding. But what, exactly, is New Adult, and how is it different from writing for young adults? Deborah Halverson, explains the ins and outs of NA in this interview.

Country Gals Sexy Reads spotlight: Excerpt: “5 of 5 stars… Halverson, puts everything into perspective and you will gain confidence if there is a closet writer within you.”

Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books spotlight and giveaway

A Book Addict’s Delight spotlight and giveaway

A One-Click Addict’s Book Blog spotlight & free manuscript giveaway

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