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If you’d like to learn more about NA fiction, get chances to win copies of my new book, and find some great new writing blogs, here’s a post with four links to fabulous blogs that are posting articles, interviews, and videos this week that give me the chance to explore many aspects of New Adult fiction.

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Literary Agent Jill Corcoran’s blog: “What’s the difference between ‘new’ adult and ‘young’ adult? PLUS a contest!” Excerpt: “What’s the difference between ‘new’ adult and ‘young’ adult? My answer usually starts with a single word: sensibility.

Literary Agent Erzsi Deak’s Hen and Ink Blots blog: New Adult: “Sexed” up YA or Bona Fide Literary Movement? An interview with Deborah Halverson, author of Writing NA Fiction.” Excerpt: “If you know you have a great story, and you just haven’t made that connection with a big audience yet, for whatever reason, you can keep submitting and not hurt yourself by self-publishing. The only way you can hurt yourself is if you do it poorly and you get bad reviews, because that cannot be erased.”

KC Maguire blog: “Deborah Halverson: Author Interview and Giveaway.Excerpt: “Craft stories that build up sexual anticipation through love denied, teased, and toyed with. A much-anticipated kiss can be more dramatically powerful than a perfunctory graphic groping.”

WriteforKids website video interview: Excerpt: “New Adult Fiction, with characters age 18-25, is exploding. But what, exactly, is New Adult, and how is it different from writing for young adults? Deborah Halverson, explains the ins and outs of NA in this interview.



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