How Do I Set Up a Blog Tour?


Dear Natasha…

Understand this: Bloggers are swell folks, but that’s not why they’ll agree to host your tour. They’ll host because you’ll offer their readers info and/or entertainment, along with cold, hard stuff. Readers come first, so Step 1 is identifying what take-away you can dish up. In addition to a promo item or book to give away, offer every blogger on your tour the choice of an interview with you or an article you’ll write just for them on a topic that’ll interest their particular readers. If the blogger chooses interview, answer their questions with a bent toward enlightening readers, not tooting your own horn. Let the blogger choose from a set range of tour dates, and specify how you’ll promote the tour. Organized, responsive authors have smoother, more successful blog tours.

Happy writing!
The Editor

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  1. It’s good to learn about the more modern and accessible means of promotion since more and more of the burden is placed on the writer to market their work. That said, I like the fact that a writer can have some control over their fate. So much is in the hands of that first agent or first editor to accept our work. Cross that bridge, and a bit more is in our hands. Good luck, Natasha.

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