Best Twitter Name Strategy?


Dear Elle…

Keep things easy for readers. More important than being clever is that you be found and recognized. Twitter is a discoverability tool in your marketing toolbox, after all. Think of your Twitter handle as an extension of your author brand. With that in mind, go with a close variation of your name so that readers and industry colleagues can find you easily and learn to recognize your name as they scroll their feeds. You can be catchy within that restriction: @ElleDoeWrites, for instance. When folks retweet your catchy tweets, or reply to your great engagements, their followers will easily read your author name in the retweet. The key is to be identifiable as the author you are for the fans you do and will have.

Happy writing!
The Editor


  1. Love this advice! It’s frustrating to search for a creator to add to a tweet and not be able to find her/him because of a weird handle. Aside: Twitter offers the ability to change a profile picture so people can add some variety while still maintaining consistency with the handle. For example, my profile picture is now the cover of my latest book but I kept my handle the same because I am my brand, not the book.

    • Ah, two great items here! Love the suggestion about adding variety via your profile picture. And I have felt that same frustration when trying to tag a creator with my tweet about their book or post. Thanks, Carrie!

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