Leave Self-Marketing to the Young?

Dear Margery…

Heck no! You’re never too old to write—for kids or anyone else. Lots of successful writers got their starts after their kids left the nest or after they retired and could focus on publication. There are plenty of marketing opportunities that don’t involve physical travelling, if that’s your concern. You’re already online—promote yourself through social networking and online writers forums, create a website and blog, write guest blogs for other sites, write articles for magazines/journals/newspapers that target your audience…. Savvy authors self-promote right from their writing nooks. This game is about passion and willingness, not age.

Happy writing!

The Editor


  1. Margery: I don’t know how old you are, but here’s my story in case it helps.

    About a month before my 60th birthday I realized if I didn’t get my b^*! in gear, I’d never write those children’s stories I wanted to but couldn’t because I was raising my kids. It doesn’t sound much like an epiphany, but it was.

    That same day I grabbed a spiral notebook and sat down to write and didn’t stop for four years.

    My goal was to write the absolutely best book I could write–not to write and publish just for the sake of getting published. The learning curve was tremendous. It took me the first year just to learn how to structure a book. The following three years saw numerous revisions, but I never stopped.

    Finally I got to a place where I knew it was done.

    Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria, was just released this week on Amazon for Kindle. I can hardly believe it.

    So, Marger, take heart and just write. Nobody will really care how old you are, although I know exactly what you mean when I see all the twenty-something authors looking all cute and perky in their profile pictures. I use cat photos a lot because they’re so much cuter than me.

  2. Ha, I’m rather old myself–51, and I’m still writing. No, you’re never too old!!! But just be aware that we old fogeys tend to put our old-fashioned phrases and sayings in our writing. Knowing a younger person to critique your work and help you catch those spots is nice!

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