two povs

What’s the Trick to Pitching a Dual POV Story?


Dear Editor…

I’m wondering the best way to craft a query letter for my new manuscript. It’s told in the 3rd person and there are 2 POVs. It’s also a fantasy novel and the 1st book in a 3-book series. How should I handle this??


Dear Jennifer…

Stop approaching this numerically. Instead of pitching a “manuscript with two points of view,” pitch a story with conflicting points of view. What’s the nature of that conflict? What is one guy not saying/admitting/dealing with that the other guy must handle or shed light upon? How are those characters at odds? How does each push the story forward— and push each other to grow? That’s what makes your story unique and juicy. In your pitch, state the (1) main characters, (2) overall conflict of the story, and (3) way in which the individual journeys conflict with each other for fab overall tension, plotting, and emotional impact. Same with the trilogy fact: Plug the overall themes and arc of the trilogy, then state how Book 1 accomplishes a key task in that arc.

Happy writing!
The Editor