WRITING NEW ADULT FICTION Launch Week, Grand Finale: Free Full Manuscript Edit Giveaway

*Scroll down to enter the “Free Full Manuscript Edit” giveaway. Congratulations to the winner of yesterday’s free critique giveaway, Beth Hull!

Sylvia DayIn picking up Writing New Adult Fiction, you, too, are turning to a new page in your writing career…. Take what you learn in the pages that follow, then adapt the knowledge to suit your story and style. Let the information work for you. Learn the rules so you can break them. You will lead your New Adult characters on a similar journey of discovery and adaptation. It’s a path we can all relate to, which is why the genre resonates with so many readers, regardless of age or background.”–Sylvia Day, from her foreword for Writing New Adult Fiction

Tammara WebberThis book is more than a marketing guide, more than a writing manual, more than a compilation of stories about successful authors. For the writer who wants to become a new adult author, or the new adult author who seeks to enrich her craftsmanship and stand out from the herd, this book has an abundance of information.Tammara Webber, from the cover of Writing New Adult Fiction

I thank Sylvia and Tammara for believing in my efforts to help NA writers, and everyone who contributed illuminating sidebar features to the book, like cover designer Robin Ludwig, who talks about book covers in her feature “Author Branding Through Cover Design.” And Marsal Lyon Literary Agency’s Kevan Lyon, who explains how an agent knows when she’s got something special in her hands in her feature “What It Means to Look for ‘Fresh’.” And author Alana Albertson, who walks us through the creation of an audiobook in her feature “Beyond the Book: Creating Your Own Audiobook.” I’m honored that these experts are helping me extend this book beyond the writing process so it can help writers through every phase of publishing.

These other authors, agents, editors, and industry insiders also allowed me to pick their brains and then pepper their wisdoms throughout the book: Jennifer L. Armentrout (writing NA fiction as J. Lynn), Amanda Bergeron, Carrie Butler, Jill Corcoran, Jaycee DeLorenzo, Kristina DeMichele, Stacey Donaghy, Karen Grove, Juliana Haygert, L.G. Kelso, Summer Lane, Trisha Leigh (writing NA fiction as Lyla Payne), Molly McAdams, Jen McConnel, Sara Megibow, Lynn Rush (also writing as Resse Monroe), Victoria H. Smith, Brooklyn Skye, Nicole Steinhaus, Denise Grover Swank, Suzie Townsend, Dan Weiss, and E.J. Wesley.

My thanks to you, too, for joining my week-long celebration. I hope you found some useful insights. To blow the final horn on this party, I’m giving away a full manuscript edit. It’s open to any novelist—of YA, NA, or Adult fiction—who has a completed manuscript of 110,000 words or less. Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow, here and on DearEditor.com’s Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

Happy writing!
The Editor

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  1. Tried to leave a comment earlier but captcha was blank.
    So, now let me say, so happy to find this site. I think some of my work falls in this category, a name for the category means better marketing ops, plus this book offers guidance on writing and I am always striving to learn , to hone mr craft.

    • Gosh, I don’t know what to make of the captcha stutter. Glad to know it’s working now. I’ll look into it. Thanks for taking the time to come back and let me know that this site is helpful to you. I will strive to keep it so!

  2. Congratulations to Beth Hull, who won yesterday’s free critique giveaway. Beth, I’ll email you directly. And to all, good luck with today’s full manuscript edit giveaway!!!!

    • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the post and you’ll see a Rafflecopter entry form. If I had a hat I’d toss your name in, but it’s got to go through the Rafflecopter form to be a part of the random selection. Good luck!

  3. Crossing fingers AND toes that the raffle copter gods smile upon me today, but if not, I’ve learned good things this week. For one, I found the visionary/metaphysical category, which is probably a better fit for my novel than fantasy/paranormal, but like NA is also an emerging category. It must be easier to find representation if your ms is easily placed into a familiar category, but then it can get lost too. Either way, I had to write what was in me, and that included a spiritual (not religious) bent. I haven’t queried yet, but if you happen to know agents who might be into visionary work, please let me know.

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