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The Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Intensive at L.A’s Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is designed to help writers at any stage of their novel to create a well-crafted, saleable novel.  The sessions and boot camps are taught by authors, agents, and editors, and hosted by the editors of the Writer’s Digest. For the faculty and schedule, click here. Use my code WDSPEAKER when register to save $50. My sessions are:

3-hr Boot Camp: Writing Riveting New Adult Fiction – Friday, Aug 15
This boot camp covers essential information, steps, and techniques necessary to turn a clever concept into a top-notch New Adult novel for 18- to 26-year-olds as well as the teen and adult crossover audience. You’ll learn techniques for writing the New Adult experience and sensibility, from youthful yet mature dialogue and point of view to plot, setting, and character construction that reflect the emerging adult experience.

1-hr How to Hide the Seams for Smooth, Flowing Fiction – Sat, Aug 16
One of the best compliments you can get as a novelist is when a reader says of your novel, “I forgot I was even reading!” She sank into your fictional world and lived it alongside your character. Why? Because you stitched together a story that flows naturally from event to event and seamlessly employs a variety of storytelling elements. You made that reader lose all awareness that an author existed. This session arms you with techniques and strategies you can mix-and-match to write fiction that renders its craft unseeable.

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