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Welcome to five days of free edit giveaways and revision advice and insights like these…

MarlaFrazee-225x300 croppedMarla Frazee, two-time Caldecott Honor-winning picture book author/illustrator: “I don’t think of revising as revising. It’s more a question of, Are we getting somewhere?”


Jean FerrisJean Ferris, award-winning author of nineteen young adult novels: I tend to write what amounts to an expanded outline for the first draft, and each draft gets longer as I understand more and more what the book and its characters are about.” 

Joni Rodgers croppedJoni Rodgers, best-selling novelist and ghostwriter: “[Ghostwriting] is the ultimate test of ‘Seek first to understand, then to be understood.’ I listen, ask questions, and revamp until we find what feels right.” 

Warren_FahyxWarren Fahy, best-selling author of science-based thrillers: Wherever [my advance readers] stop reading a manuscript, I fix it so that nobody wants to stop there again. I pay attention to what they don’t say as much as to what they do say.”

Denise Grover SwankDenise Grover Swank, best-selling author of YA, NA, and novels for adults. “It’s not unusual for me to write a first draft and then cut one-third to half the book out and start over again.”


  1. Oh, Debra, Revision Week hasn’t even begun yet and we already have gems. Thanks from all of us faithful readers for offering your third annual meeting of the writerly minds!

  2. I believe this is my first time through Revisions Week…at least it doesn’t ring a bell, and I’m not salivating. 😉 Going to read about it now and looking forward to this year’s run!

    • I dare say you’ll love it, Teresa. I love peeking into writer’s creative processes.

  3. I am so excited about this week because Holly and I are hitting our 2nd edit with intention and today is DAY 1! Thanks for the inspiration and expertise!

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