Revision Week: Winner and Week Off

The Editor is grateful for the authors who made this year’s Revision Week informative, inspiring, and fun. In case you missed any of the interviews, here are the direct links:

Larry Dane Brimner, author of 150 books for readers of all ages.

Laura Griffin, New York Times bestselling author of 11 romantic suspense novels.

Bruce Hale, author/illustrator of nearly 30 books for kids.

Matthew J. Kirby, breakout author of two popular novels for young adults, with two more anticipated novels.

Susan Stevens Crummel, author and co-author of nearly twenty popular picture books for children.

Peter Economy, bestselling author and ghostwriter of more than 6o books.


  1. Congrats, Fiona, on the Free Full Manuscript Edit win!

    Deborah, thank you for Revision Week. It was filled with insight and inspiration!

    Larry, Laura, Bruce, Matthew, and Susan, thank you for sharing a bit of your writing/revision world with us!

  2. Thank you Editor and authors! Sometimes when I’m struggling through a paragraph for the sixth time, I think “do other writers just sit down and write perfect sentences?” It’s wonderful to hear about the art of revision.

    • I know exactly what you mean, Lauri! That’s one of the reasons I created Revision Week – so we could see that even frequently published writers work from rough to final. I remember watching an interview with Toni Morrison many years ago in which she said that she’s always revising—she even wants to revise when she’s got the final book in her hand! So even Nobel laureates’ writing needs revising. From “Conversations with Toni Morrison,” by Danille K. Taylor-Guthrie: “Writing it all out for the first time is painful because so much of the writing isn’t very good. I didn’t know in the beginning that I could go back and make it better; so I minded very much writing badly. But now I don’t mind at all because there’s that wonderful time in the future when I will make it better, when I can see better what I should have said and how to change it.”

  3. Huge congrats to Fiona! It’s always enlightening to look into the minds of fellow writers, and also reassuring to know that there are as many ways of “doing it right” as there are people writing. 🙂

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