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Dear Editor…

Will agents forgive ignorant query mistakes made by a passionate new PB writer? (My learning curve is still quite vertical, but flattening out slowly.) When should I move on from Literary Agency “X” to Agency “Y” or should I simply try the small publishing houses directly for PB manuscripts submissions?

Thank You,

Dear Robert…

Learning curves can be slippery, and passion intensifies the potential for a crash-and-burn. Agents know that and recognize minor slips for the newbie boo-boos they are. If yours was a thorny transgression, well, what’s done is done. There are plenty of agencies out there; move on without looking back. First, though, force Passion into a seat in front of your computer and intensely research submission strategies and query letters. FORCE that learning curve to flatten! Publishing may deal in creativity, but it’s still a business, so commit to becoming an informed professional. Start by clicking “Submissions” in the CATEGORIES tab on When your new submission package is ready, submit to Agency Y—and to A, B, C, and D, too. By submitting in small batches, you can adjust your submission strategy or revise your manuscript based on agent response. Just note “simultaneous submission” in your query.

Happy writing!
The Editor


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