Newsflash: SCBWI Summer Conference with The Editor


Join The Editor for her 1.5-hour breakout session or her two 3.5-hour intensives at the 2012 SCBWI Summer Conference

Breakout Session – How to Talk Like a Teen When You’re So Not One: Writing Dialogue in YA/MG Fiction
Teen readers want to hear directly from the teen characters in their books. The dialogue you write must be able to entertain your young readers, intrigue them, inform them, comfort them, and, depending on which characters are moving their lips, sound like them. By applying the techniques in this session, you can craft successful dialogue for young adult fiction.

Intensive –  Going from Good to Great: Revising Your MG/YA Novel
This workshop teaches you how to analyze your YA/MG manuscript and arms you with techniques for revising the elements you find lacking. Participants must have completed a draft of a YA or MG novel.

Intensive – Writing for Teens? Then Think Like One
This workshop teaches strategies for creating a narrative sensibility that reflects the way teens and tweens think, and outlines techniques for writing that sensibility into a narrative voice that “clicks” with young readers. Participants must have completed at least three chapters of a YA or MG novel and should bring 3 copies of a brief (2 to 4 pages) excerpt from the manuscript to use in hands-on exercises.

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