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Dear Readers…

Here’s hoping this post finds you happy, well, and enjoying time with loved ones. For those of you who will manage to fit in some writing time, too—go get ’em! And the rest of you, well, don’t sweat it—everyone deserves one day off. In fact, the Editor is going to take a few extra days off.  Look for your next post the first week of the new year. Until then,

Happy holidays!

Welcome, and Seasons Greetings!

The Editor will return with answers to your burning questions about writing craft and the publishing world on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.


“My first copies of Treasure Island and Huckleberry Finn still have some blue-spruce needles scattered in the pages. They smell of Christmas still.”
~ Charlton Heston (1923-2008), American film actor


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