“Free First 20 Pages Critique” Giveaway!

Dear Readers…

Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies has a book trailer—and I’m celebrating with a “Free First 20 Pages Critique” giveaway! Check out the nifty trailer then use the blue bar on the right to scroll down for the giveaway rules.

Now for the giveaway rules:

  1. Your manuscript must be FICTION of ANY GENRE (general, sci fi, romance, steam punk . . . you get the idea; no non-fiction like how-to’s or memoirs—as fictional as those may seem; and sorry, no children’s picture books this time). Your manuscript can be for adults or young readers (YA or MG).
  2. The FIRST 20 PAGES of your manuscript must be COMPLETE.
  3. Manuscripts that do not meet these requirements will be disqualified.
  4. Deadline: MIDNIGHT, October 20, 2011, PST.
  5. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on October 21, 2011, in the DearEditor.com comments section and on the DearEditor.com Facebook page, and the winner will be notified directly via email.


One entry –  SEND EMAIL to DearEditor.com using the “Write to The Editor” button at the top of the blog or by clicking this link. Type “Free First 20 Pages Critique” in the subject line. In the body of the email, include the TITLE of your manuscript, the GENRE, the CATEGORY (adult, YA, or MG) and YOUR FULL NAME. (If you have any difficulty with the contact button, send an email entry directly to dear-editor@hotmail.com.)

Bonus entry – SUBSCRIBE. DearEditor.com subscribers get a bonus entry by sending a second email with “Subscriber’s Bonus Giveaway Entry” in the subject line and your title and full name in the body. (Note: the Editor will verify!) Not a subscriber yet? Then subscribe now by clicking on the “Subscribe” button at the top of DearEditor.com and then email your second entry.

Extra bonus entries – SPREAD THE WORD. Blog, tweet, or otherwise electronically tell others about this giveaway to get additional entries. Send an email to DearEditor.com with “I Spread the Word!” in the subject line, and in the body include a link to your blog post or your Twitter address or your Facebook wall or whatever social media you used to spread the word. Don’t send screen-shots; attachments won’t be accepted. Include your title and full name in the body. Spread the word more than once? Then send an “I Spread the Word!” email for each one!

Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules will be disqualified, at the Editor’s discretion.

Disclaimer: The Editor does not share or in any other way use your contact information; it’s collected solely for winner contact purposes at the end of the giveaway.

Good luck!
The Editor


  1. I entered the contest for your giveaway during your book launch. Thanks for offering another opportunity.

    • It’d be up to you which one you’d like me to critique if you win the drawing, Joyce. I can tell a lot about an ms by the first 20 pages, so the full YA ms would benefit from feedback on the first 20. Good luck!

  2. Trailer is hip. Eye was mysterious, like it’s tempting the viewer to come journey behind the wall. Music is fast and upbeat. Graffiti bullets are to the point. Left me wanting to know more about what topics will be discuss in the manual, which I guess is the purpose for buying the book. Good job.

    • I love hearing your reactions to each element. I think Circle of Seven Productions did a bang-up job, but it’s useful to know how an objective viewer took it in. Thanks for taking the time for this feedback, Joanna.

  3. What an amazing advert for your book, I loved it 😀
    This competition is a great opportunity and I can’t wait to get earn the Brownie points and send my entry.

  4. A very cool trailer, but the book is even better. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, sign up for the contest and then head to the book store. It’s been an invaluable resource for my current MG project!

  5. Love the book trailer. Thanks for offering another awesome giveaway. A 20 page critique is very generous. Would love to get your feedback or a copy of your book 🙂

  6. I have a YA novel called FOR THE LAST TIME dealing with cyber-bullying and self mutilation that I desperately want critiqued!

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