1st DearEditor.com Free Edit Giveaway Winner Gets Book Deal

Dear Annemarie…

Congratulations!!!!! This manuscript was the winner of my first Free Edit Giveaway on this site, which means you revised the novel, got an agent, and got a book deal in less than a year. You rocked it, girl! I love your story, too. For the rest of my readers, introducing DANCE WITH BORZOIS:

Set in Imperial Russia and pitched as Marley and Me meets Dr. Zhivago, DANCE WITH BORZOIS is about a girl raised in the family tradition to become the Count’s next kennel steward, breeding borzois hunting dogs worthy of the Tsar, until the birth of a baby brother supplants her, when she must trust her unique gift and reveal the truth about her visions to save the special dog she raised from birth and finally achieve her true destiny.

Keep us posted on the pub date and I’ll announce it here so we can all celebrate. (You know how much I love celebrating!) I’ll also be sending you my copy for an autograph.

Readers, the current FREE EDIT Giveaway’s deadline is tomorrow night, midnight April 22, 2011. If you haven’t already entered, click here for instructions about doing so.

Happy Writing!

The Editor


  1. I read the news on Twitter and somewhere else this week, but didn’t realize it was a critique winner. Congratulations to Annemarie! And I am definitely entering this contest. 🙂

  2. That is SO cool! Woo! Confetti and screaming streamers! Great job both to Annemarie as well as you, Dear-Editor Deborah.com! Love to hear news like this, very exciting. 🙂

    • I’m a lucky editor, is what I am. I truly enjoy my job. Annemarie worked hard to make her dream happen, and if my input in any way helped her forward in her journey, I’m immensely pleased.

  3. Huge Congrats, Annemarie! Your book sounds sooo good! I love a story with a dog, though, I have a feeling you’re going to make me cry. Looking forward to reading your book! Do you have a blog that we can follow?

  4. Thank you, everyone for your kind words. It is a huge honor that Knopf will publish my book. I’ve been a HUGE fan of their imprint for a long, long time. And Deb’s comments on my whole novel were insightful and constructively generous. I sent my manuscript to Erin Clarke at Knopf not long after I incorporated Deb’s comments. Thank you so much for running the contest, Deb. What a wonderful gift!

  5. What an original and refreshing idea, Annemarie! My 13-year old daughter shares my love of historical fiction. We will both look forward to reading DANCE WITH BORZOIS. Thank you, Deborah, for your many valuable insights and inspiration!

    • So great that you and your daughter share a love of historical fiction, Mark. I hope that when my boys are teens, we’ll have some literary crossover.

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