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Dear Editor…

I have just completed an MG adventure for boys set in the middle ages. I’ve heard that historical fiction is a hard sell these days. How should I pitch my manuscript?



Dear Nancy…

Okay, so historical fiction isn’t as hot as vampire love stories right now, but you’ve got a secret weapon—a middle grade adventure for boys! Editors crave that. Pitch the action with the biggest fork you can find. Knights and armor, warlords and feudal tragedy, crusades and barbarian invasions, and royalty that snuffs each other out faster than Black Death? Yowza! Gotta love the middle ages. “MG adventure for boys” are the keywords for your pitch. Hit that angle hard.

Happy writing!

The Editor


  1. This is very encouraging. I have a boy MG, too. (It’s horror.) Now I just have to finish revisions to three other projects first. (Revisions take forever. It’s like being on a hamster wheel.)

  2. I too have a historical MG for boys set in the old West. I have heard that it’s a tough sell from both agents and editors. If you can justify setting the story in the past, (i.e. it can’t take place now)that really helps. Also, if it is character-driven and the setting plays a big part in the story, that’s even better. Good luck!

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