NEWSFLASH: The Free YA/MG Edit Giveaway Winner

Dear Readers…

The giveaway for one free substantive edit of a YA/MG novel is over. This morning I used to select the winning entry. It’s my pleasure to announce the winner: Annemarie O’Brien, with her upper middle grade novel Dance with Borzois. I’m looking forward to digging in with Annemarie… and dancing with Borzois!

Thank you for your amazing encouragement and enthusiasm during’s inaugural month. I will strive to keep the site informative yet fun as we navigate the winding road that leads from idea to publication. Keep those questions coming, and chime in with your tips, thoughts, and anecdotes in the comments section. As I tell my triplets all the time, the more, the merrier.

Happy writing!

The Editor


  1. You’re probably feeling great now that your virgin contest is over! We’re looking forward to several more during the year! Read on!!

  2. Great for Annemarie. I’m certain she’ll reap a lot of benefit from this review. Dear-Editor knows her stuff. Tells you the good, points out the not so good and best of all, gives you insight on how to fix. When “Dance with Borzois” is published, we should celebrate on this website!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to let Deb and anyone else following that my MG historical fiction novel, DANCE WITH BORZOIS (that Deb Halverson read and edited) was sold to Erin Clarke at Knopf. Thank you, DEB for all of your great comments!!!!
    DANCE WITH BORZOIS is expected out spring of 2013.
    Annemarie O’Brien

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