Submitting to Agent at Same Agency

Dear Editor…

Three years ago I submitted a full YA novel to an interested agent (the owner of an agency) who ultimately passed. Now one of her new agents at this agency invited me to submit the same but much revised YA from a written critique at a conference. Is this okay or will the owner agent not like this? Love this agency and don’t want to burn bridges.


Dear Loretta…

Take that invite and run with it! In your cover letter, explain that the owner saw the manuscript in a very different form years ago but didn’t feel it was for her. You’re not trying to pull a fast one on anybody, you’re being communicative. The owner will be fine with it. She’s been in the business long enough to appreciate how much a manuscript can change and that each agent has his/her own taste. Do one thing first, though: Check the agency’s submission guidelines to see if they specify that a “no” from one agent is a “no” from the agency. Even if they do, you’ve got an invitation, so send a note saying you’ve revised significantly and let the agent decide if she wants to read this manuscript that intrigued her. That’s being professional, not burning bridges.

Happy writing!
The Editor