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Newsflash! The Editor’s New Book for Writers of ‘New Adult’ Fiction


The Editor is happy to announce her new book Writing the New Adult Novel: How to Write and Sell ‘New Adult’ Fiction, to be published by Writer’s Digest Books in 2014. This book for writers will be a hands-on guide featuring essential information, steps, and techniques to guide writers in creating engaging stories featuring eighteen- to twenty-six-year-old protagonists against the backdrop of the emerging adult experience.

Dear Readers…

You know by now that I love helping writers realize their potential as storytellers and career authors. My favorite part is guiding them in developing a personal style that both embodies their creative vision and appeals to their audience. Above all, I try to do it in a fun and supportive way. That’s the heart of this website, and it’s the heart of my book Writing Young Adult Fiction For Dummies. I’m honored and excited for this chance to do the same for writers of New Adult fiction.

Happy writing!
The Editor