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Do Writers Submit Different Versions to Different Editors?

Dear Editor…

I have a re-submit opportunity with two editors. I think one editor wasn’t so jazzed about a certain part of my picture book manuscript, while the other editor was. I could remove that part altogether, or remove it just from the version I send to that first editor. Do people do this? Do writers ever do different versions for different people?

Which One?

Dear Which One?…

They sure do. The real question is, will you be happy with either version being published as the final book? If your answer is yes, then send each editor the version that sparked their invitation to re-submit. As writers seeking publication, we adjust our stories for editors who offer smart critiques aligning with our overall goals for the story. Sounds like you’ve got two of those nibbling at your bait. Fingers crossed that one—or both!—take the full bite.

Happy writing!
The Editor

The Editor, Deborah Halverson, has been editing books for over 25 years and specializes in Middle Grade/Young Adult fiction and nonfiction, New Adult fiction, and picture books. For her editorial guidance in making your manuscript ready for submission to agents and publishers or for self-publishing, click Editorial services.