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Do I Cite My Magazine Writing in My Query Letter?


Dear Editor…

I’m currently doing a lot of writing for a trade magazine and have written for other mags in the past. Nothing published in the children’s market, though, which is the market for my middle grade novel. Some sources say mention all writing experience in cover letters to agents and editors. Other sources say only mention writing experience if it’s in the children’s market. I would appreciate your advice on this.

Mag Writer

Dear Mag Writer…

Presuming the magazines are editorially discriminating and of professional quality, I support mentioning them in the credentials portion of your query letter. You’re seeding confidence in your professionalism and your writing chops. Ring this bell extra loudly if the magazines’ subject matter jives with that of your book—this establishes your expertise with the topic. A caveat: If the magazines are political or in some other way topically sensitive, only mention them if the topics are relevant to the book you’re pitching.

Happy writing!
The Editor

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