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Are There Better Months to Publish YA Horror?


Dear Editor…

Is there a better time to release YA supernatural/horrors? September or October? Or is summer better? Does it matter?

Indie Writer

Dear Indie Writer

If it’s not Halloween-themed horror, you’re not bound by holiday tie-in timing. Horror is year-round reading. That said, every October our culture gets its freak on about scary stuff — which creates extra promotional opportunities for you. “Scary Reads!” round-ups abound. Bloggers and book clubs indulge in thrills and chills. That makes October a strong pub month for Horror. I recommend calling it an October pub to get it lumped with the holiday round-ups, while putting it on sale early/mid-September. Aim to have finished books available for bloggers and other reviewers at the end of summer so they have time to read the book and then write and schedule their reviews. Word of mouth is key for indie publishing, so time things smartly for those influencers. As for the rest of the world, October publication means you’re launching this when even readers not usually inclined toward Supernatural/Horror are open to freaky reads. That’s something to scream about.

Happy writing!
The Editor