ALERT: “Free Partial Edit” Giveaway!

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Dear Readers…

It’s been too long since held a giveaway, so it’s ON! This week, The Editor is giving away a FREE EDIT OF THE FIRST 40 PAGES OF YOUR FICTION MANUSCRIPT. Entry deadline:  April 20, 2018, midnight.

This giveaway is open to any novelist of MG, YA, NA, or fiction for adults in any genre. The winner will be announced on April 22, here and on’s Facebook, Google+, and Twitter pages.

Read on to enter via Rafflecopter…



a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks for this giveaway! Always love your advice…whoever wins will be lucky! (PS – I did tweet and follow you on Twitter too — did I get all the entries? I only see one 🙂 )

  2. Sadly, I follow you on Twitter, I’ve tweeted about the giveaway, I’ve left a blog post comment, but it’s not recording. And I can’t scroll down to even see the other ways I can participate.

    • I will look into this and make sure Rafflecopter is doing what it’s supposed to do. I’ll get back you, Theresa.

  3. I’ve done everything, including tweeting about the contest, but I am unable to fill in the Rafflecopter. It’s not working for me.

      • I’m having the same problem Andrea is. The Rafflecopter widget won’t allow me to scroll down to access the options. Thanks for doing this, Deborah!

          • I’m on it, Michelle. I’ll enter yours manually while Rafflecopter works out the kinks in the widget.

        • Sorry the widget is frustrating you and some others, Allison. I’m trying to work with Rafflecopter to fix it. Email me to let me know how many entries I should add for your manually.

  4. Thank you so much for offering this contest. Knowing you may read my first 40 pages has inspired me!

  5. Thank you, Deborah! I appreciate all you do to support the writing community! (I tweeted about this before I discovered the rafflecopter, such a wonderful opportunity!)

    • Rafflecopter’s widget is acting cranky for a handful of people. I’m make sure your entry was logged, and if it wasn’t, I’ll add it manually. Good luck!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity and all you do for us writers in the trenches. 🙂
    (I also tweeted and follow you on twitter, but it seems as if rafflecopter didn’t want to count those entries…?)

    • I checked and your basic entry is logged. I’ll manually add the other two. I guess Rafflecopter was being cranky today.

  7. Had a few issues with the rafflecopter… tried on both my iphone and on my laptop. Hopefully I got the entries in, though! Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. DearEditor was a speaker at a conference a few years ago and critiqued the novel i was working on. DearEditor gave me such good advice, I hope I win the free partial critique for my current novel!

  9. Thanks for this giveaway! Somehow I’m unable to post a comment via or follow you on Twitter via rafflecopter (I’ve done so manually!)

    • I’ll add your entries manually. (Rafflecopter support is working out what’s causing problems for some of you.)

    • I’ll add your entries manually, Carol. (Rafflecopter support is working out what’s causing problems for some of you. Sorry. I’m frustrated with it, too.)

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