Help! Unromantic Me Can’t Write Romantic Scenes


Dear Taylor…

Freeze! Put the flowers down. Back away from that box of chocolates. This isn’t about you, it’s about the characters. A great romantic scene grows out of the characters’ emotional connection with each other across all preceding scenes. Ask yourself what each character needs emotionally, then find ways for the other character to satisfy the need. Work this into each shared scene until, finally, a situation arises that brings that need to a climax. That’s when the romance rolls out. A girl who feels epically misunderstood will go weak in the knees when a boy shows that he knows her. Maybe he reads to her from her favorite book when she’s sad. The sound of his voice as it embodies her beloved characters is a turn-on. The way he holds the book in his hands—those gentle yet firm hands she so wants to hold her—is a turn-on. The way he trips over words yet plods onward shows his vulnerability … and is a turn-on. She can’t help it, she reaches out and makes the physical connection. Build up from emotional to physical and your characters (and readers!) will be putty in your hands.

Happy writing!
The Editor


  1. Deborah’s advice about character motivation is great, but if it’s describing the physical side of things that’s hard for Taylor to write, the only thing to do is read romance novels (and maybe some how-to articles). Good luck to Taylor! 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, Taylor; romantic doesn’t have to be the typical romance fluff. Especially with today’s YA crowd (unless your actually writing a YA romance). It is still the girl that determines if a moment/scene is romantic; but all she has to do is acknowledge (to herself or her friends or family) that the action/event/gift was romantic to her. And after all the build up, don’t neglect a truly awesome KISS.


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