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Dear Editor…

I have an upper middle-grade novel about a boy struggling in the sport of gymnastics due for release this fall. With the Olympics coming next summer and an Olympian backing my book, how should I begin to get the word out there?

Thank you,

Dear Christi…

There’ll be Olympics book round-ups galore—and you have unique opportunity for mainstream promotion. I happen to remember you and this project from a conference critique, so I know you’re raising a gymnast and you’re a teacher. You can pitch major online, print, and TV/radio media as an expert/ real mom with insight into raising Olympic hopefuls, an angle that’ll be in high demand. Your book will get plugged in the process. Work that angle in home schooling networks since Olympic hopefuls are often home-schooled. Do blog tours there and in other blog communities such as sports and parenting. You even have time to pitch and write articles for magazines with their long lead times. Blog and tweet about all these, gaining followers. Work that Olympian backer in where you can.

Happy writing!
The Editor


  1. Congratulations, Christi! I wish you much success with your book. The Editor’s advice sounds great and offers many different avenues to explore. Good luck!

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